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Name: Alina
Age: 22 Years
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 57 Kg
Hair color: Dark brown
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Smoker: No
Tattoos: No
Piercing: Yes
Spoken languages:
  • Romanian
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Sexual touch - is used to arouse the partner, before and during intercourse. Unlike the love-laden touch, this type of touch is most often used. People rarely touch for non-sexual reasons. Through this type of touch, desire is actually communicated. Bodies lose their density and become a kind of fluid energy. The one who loves and the one who is loved merge and become one and the same body. A simple touch can say a lot. When you touch a person, your hands will convey your thoughts or desires, and the person touched will somehow interpret them on a physical level and feel the power behind the touch. This is the language of touch. touching is mainly used to create the arousal necessary for sexual intercourse. It is a touch with a single purpose, that of getting a reaction from your partner. It doesn't matter what technique you use, but it is important that your bodies are glued to each other. Focus on the touches and pay attention to what you are doing. The most important thing is that when you do a massage you enjoy it. If you like what you do and especially if you really love your partner, then he will feel all your love. Such sensations look for people when they get involved in a sexual act. Cultivating touch can improve you and bring you new experiences in your sex life. When you make love, caress your partner with relaxed and loving hands, without a specific goal, without a certain expectation. Then your touch will be an outpouring of love, tenderness, appreciation and knowledge. The technique is not important, what matters is that the touches are loving and conscious, to be present and happy. Caress each other without any prejudice and without any restraint, as it is more pleasant and satisfying, in a state of sensitivity, total openness and balance. Caress the body of the loved one and the sexual organs with love and deep gratitude and the feeling of sacredness

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1 hour: 200€
2 hours: 400€
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