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Name: Ramona
Age: 28 Years
Height: 167.00 cm
Weight: 47.00 Kg
Hair color: Black
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Smoker: No
Tattoos: No
Piercing: No
Spoken languages:
  • Romanian
  • English
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About Me

My lips will seduce you. I live alone. I have a variety of oils in my home. I put the oil in my hand or body. Even touching and looking at my glowing body gives you pleasure. I put the perfect oil for girls and to accompany the prey. Your hands will slide as you touch my prey. I want your lips right there. You're starting to explore new ways to have sex with me. I'd like you to touch me with your fat hands. Feel my warmth with your hands.The perfect taste of escorts is better than everything you tasted. I'm curious about your taste. I'm here to pamper you. I provide for your sexual needs. Unlike others, I like to hit men. After a relaxing massage, oral sex is the best way to wash. I am a smiling and relaxing person. I have no borders. I am an open-minded person. I can't say my favorite positions, but I can accompany you to your favorite positions. There are many options

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1 hour: 200 €
2 hours: 400 €
3 hours: 600 €
1 night: 1200 €
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