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Personal details

Name: LILY26
Age: 32 Years
Height: 165.00 cm
Weight: 49.00 Kg
Hair color: Blond
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Smoker: No
Tattoos: No
Piercing: No
Spoken languages:
  • Romanian
  • Italian
  • German
  • French
  • English
Escort Services:
  • 69 /
  • Accept Couples (MF)(double payment) /
  • Accept cum on face /
  • All positions /
  • Anal sex /
  • Breast Sex /
  • Cum on body /
  • Deepthroat /
  • Foot fetish /
  • French kissing (when there is a connection between the 2 persons) /
  • Licking balls /
  • Lingerie /
  • Masturbation /
  • Normal sex(only protected) /
  • Role play /
  • Sex Toys /
  • Strap-on /
  • Striptease Lapdance /
  • Body massage

About Me

a wonderful escort with many benefits for your soul. I am a very fun person and to be around, I understand the needs of men well and I recognize the significance of our events. I know the quiet city well, so I would be happy to show you and taste new menus in trusted restaurants. I also prefer to spend a lot of time taking care of two very important things, such as beauty and intellectual events. Beauty is a big part of the femininity it represents well, remaining balanced in fitness and fashion. I take care of my body daily with rejuvenation courses (ps I think you would like to see some of my tricks) and of course SPA and cosmetic procedures. I know you'd love to see a beautiful woman around you. You deserve it after all. Your indulgence would be my priority, we can talk about anything and I can fulfill your deepest desires in terms of sex, you just tell me and I do it, it's so simple. I am also available on watzappp all day, so to make sure we arrange the meeting as soon as possible or for any date you want, I am very punctual, because I care about your schedule. Being discreet is also one of my benefits. Sometimes I like to have a glass of white wine with seafood and a beautiful view, I don't do it very often, but we can enjoy it together at lunch or dinner. I can't wait to meet you. I'm sending you kisses and hugs now. You can be sure you found a pretty amazing escort from Bucharest because it is hard to find such charming escorts in Bucharest. Be careful and see you soon!

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2 hours: 150 E
3 hours: 300 E
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