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Name: Eva
Age: 23 Years
Nationality: Romania
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 53 Kg
Hair color: Light brown
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Smoker: No
Tattoos: No
Piercing: No
Spoken languages:
  • English
  • Romanian
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Escort Services:
  • Cum on body /
  • Cunnilingus /
  • Accept cum in mouth /
  • Fetish /
  • Lingerie /
  • Aromatherapy /
  • Iomi hawaiian massage /
  • Swedish massage /
  • Naked massage /
  • Tantra massage /
  • 69 /
  • Deepthroat /
  • GFE experience /
  • Masturbation /
  • Normal sex(only protected) /
  • Masaj anti-stress

About Me

I am a woman with a presence that cannot be overlooked. My eyes, two spotlights of wisdom and sensuality, hold deep secrets and dreams full of color. My smile, a corner of the lips that hides stories and laughter, brings light to any room. Every move of mine is a choreography of grace, a dance of femininity that drapes my gestures in an air of mystery. The line of my neck, slim and delicate, tells a story of natural elegance. Every feature of my face contributes to a tableau of subtle beauty, and their harmony emits a unique charm. My intellect is a hidden treasure, open only to those who seek to explore the depths of my thoughts. Conversations with me are journeys through worlds of bright ideas and well-defined opinions. I am a woman with an appetite for knowledge, always thirsty to discover more and more. But despite all these aspects, I feel that my most important attribute is a heart full of compassion. My empathy flows like an endless spring, and others' concerns become an integral part of my emotional universe. In the light of this compassion, I become a safe refuge for those in need of support. I am the ideal woman in my own way, a symphony of beauty, intelligence, and kindness. Through me, elements intertwine to form a complete and authentic person, always open to exploring new horizons and sharing light and warmth with those around. My interests cover a diverse spectrum, reflecting my diversity and curiosity. I am passionate about exploring cultures through travel, discovering new flavors and customs in every corner of the world. Reading is an intellectual journey for me, savoring both classical works and contemporary creations. I find balance in nature, whether it's hiking in the mountains or simply taking quiet walks in parks. Photography is another passion that allows me to capture the beauty of fleeting moments and preserve vivid memories. I dedicate myself to personal development, always seeking new skills and knowledge. Culinary art inspires me, experimenting in the kitchen and trying recipes from various cultures. Additionally, I love to share my thoughts and ideas through writing, addressing various topics. In conclusion, my interests form a captivating panorama, with experiences that enrich and connect me to the diversity of the surrounding world.

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1 hour: 200
2 hours: 400
3 hours: 500
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